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Our school has close links with the local St Aidan's Church in Billinge.. The children all visited church on Friday 12th September to take part in the Heritage Weekend. We would like to thank all the Church members who helped on the day. The children had a very informative visit.

For further details please visit the St Aidan's Church website.


Church Inspection

Please click on the link below to view our Outstanding Church Inspection Report

Church Inspection Report


Water of Life

Please click on the link below to see how we are selling water to help others and ourselves.

Water of Life Letter


Gospel Value Certificates

Each week we award Gospel Value Certificates. They are given to those children who have shown that they are living out the Gospel Values in their everyday life.

Our Gospel Values are:

S Service (Caring, Commitment, Compassion, Courage & Community)

T Tolerance

A Acceptance

I Inclusion

D Dignity

A All Loving

N Nurture

S Self Respect & Respect For Others





Year 1:

Sinead, Luke, Ruby, Daniel

Year 2:

Bradley, Leilani, Millie,Tia, Morgan, Tia, Jamie, Amy

Year 3:

Rebecca, Madeleine, Lewis, Alex, Olivia

Year 4:

Millie, Harry, Maia, Kallis, Harry, Ellie, Harry

Year 5:

Jessica, Mya, Gary, Jake, Ben, Jake, Georgia

Year 6:

Oliver, Reece, Sammie, Kaye, Kerry, James, William, Jordan, William, Reece, Ethan, Callum



Elliane, Nathan, Abigail

Year 1:

Seren, Aaron, Armani, Oliver, Seren

Year 2:

Dylan, Ruby

Year 3:

Harry C, Jack, Harry M, Faithe, Alex, Lucy, Megan, Georgia, Tia, Megan, Reuben, Alex

Year 4:

Taylor, George, Emily, Maddy, Rebecca, Shereece, Mia, Sarah, Rebecca, Jasmine, George

Year 5:

Reagan, Ryan, Joe, Finley, Edward, Lewis, Joseph, Eboni, Finley, Jessica, Callum, Amy, Jessica, Amy, Callum, Joanna, Maia, Aaron, Ella, Lizzy, Rebecca

Year 6:

Jessica, Jake H, Chloe, Amy, Georgia, Jessica, Megan, Alana, Georgia, Hanaka, Megan, Jake H


To view our Collective Worship Policy please click on the link below.

Collective Worship Policy

Appendix 1