Welcome back Year Four! Lets start off with some movement here this morning...

After watching and singing Ozone's 'Dragostea Din Tei' in class, on Tuesday Beth recommended to me the Just Dance version of 'Numa Numa'. So here it is for Bethany and the rest of Year Four. Give it a go!



Exhausting! After a little rest, please try to complete the following tasks in your home learning book.

Maths Lesson 1 - Step 6 - Divide 2-digits by 10


English lesson 6 - Steve Backshall's Wolves - First take notes from a video, then answer questions from a report. Next, using what you know, try to add some captions to the wolf picture. Finally,  read the poem, 'A wolf in the Park'. Can you learn some of this poem? Can you make some illustrations for it?


Now for something completely different. Let's do some music appreciation : )

First, listen to any one of the three pieces of music below that you fancy...

Intermission - by Blur

Wedding Cake Island - by Midnight Oil

Caprice in A minor - by Paganini

In your work book, please answer the questions found here.


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