Hi, what a strange week! Hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy.


Over the last few weeks our Take One Book has been George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. Please read pages 17-37 or watch online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjPgU4-l41g  George has decided to make his own "Marvellous Medicine" for Grandma. Using what you already know about Grandma and what you have read today, your task is to create your very own Marvellous Medicine  for Grandma Kranky using the activity sheet below. You'll need to think of an ingredient and what effect this will have on her. Below are some examples.

Ingredient                                                          The effect

Whitening toothpaste                                         To brighten those horrid brown teeth.

Deodorant                                                          To make her smell better.

Red lipstick                                                         To make her lips thicker and less witch like.

Cooking oil                                                         To stop her joints squeaking every time she moves.

Bottle of Lucozade                                             To give her energy to finally get her out of that chair.

Anti-freeze                                                          To warm her heart.

Vitamin Face Cream                                          To smooth out the deep wrinkles in her face.


Please try and think of your own ingredients and the effects they'll have, be as creative as you like!



In RE we have been learning about Easter as a story of betrayal and trust. Look at the powerpoint below then read through the Easter story activity sheet. Using a green and red pen, critically analyse the Easter story highlighting the times of trust (green) and betrayal (red).

Hope to see you all very soon. Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Calderbank

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