Good morning Year Four!

I hope you are all well and try to make the most of your time today : )

 A  big shout out to Lewis.H, Harrison and Isla who have been in touch and stopped me getting so lonely without you all.. A virtual Custard Cream to each of you!

Today, we have some poetry about teachers in bed (?), tenths on a number line and hopefully a welcome return to the fun world of LOGO! 

Hope to hear from you soon, Mr L.

So with out further ado, please complete the following tasks in your home learning book.

Maths lesson 4 - Tenths on a number line

English lesson 4  - Poetry - Younger Brother and A Teachers Day in Bed. Plus revision of nouns, verbs and adjectives.

 Computing lesson 2 - Coding using LOGO - 'pen up/pen down'

Year Four loved coding using LOGO! It would be a shame to stop now, so we will try to continue in our virtual classroom. If you get stuck, email me for help : )

So far we all have created an algorithm using the move, rotate and repeat commands in lesson 1 using 'forward (fd), right (rt) and left (lt)' alongside a
variable. Many children, who were poorly and absent, did not cover lesson 2, so we will recap that using the 'pen up/pen down' commands today.

First, watch the lesson presentation here

Next, using your device, go to the Turtle Academy playground here

Now try to complete this slightly tricky coding task found here

If you can manage that, try this trickier challenge found here


Remember, if you get stuck, please email at mark.loftus@sthelens.org.uk

If you have a computer/tablet problems, don't worry. Use a ruler to draw these shapes and write the LOGO algorithms next to them :)

STAR WORK, well done Lewis!



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