Activities for Monday 30th March

Knowledge and Understanding

Look at the spring hunt sheet looking for signs of Spring. Can you find all of the items? If you have a printer you could print this off and tick each item as you find them. 

Knowledge and Understanding

Go on a senses hunt around your house. Can you find something from each category? If you arer able to print this off draw a picture in each box. If not don't worry you can ask your carer/or do this yourself, Draw the boxes and then draw a picture of each item in the boxes.



Try and replicate this picture. Can you draw a large circle first? How many different shapes are there? Can you count all of the squares, circles etc. Colour all the triangles in the same colour and the rest of the shapes. If you have chalks you could do this outdoors. Make a gigantic one how many more shapes can you fit into the circle?


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