Activities for Thursday 2nd April



Make a Bunny using different materials.

This is a great activity for fine motor skills

You can use anything for this really. You can choose to stick to paper or make out of sweets and eat them!!!

This can be made on a large scale or smaller using stones, rice, pasta, marshmallows, screwed up paper. You could make this for a lovely Easter card as we didn't gett a chance to do one in Nursery sad




Draw, decorate and then cut out some egg shapes. You can make as many as you like. This will work better if you have card any card will be fine as long as not too thick cereal boxes etc. Although paper will be fine. If you have a hole punch put a hole in each one,,or ask an adult to make a small hole for you, and thread each egg onto either string, ribbon or even cotton, whatever can you find. Count how many you have made. And then decorate your house with them if you like, they make a lovely Easter decoration!! I would love to see your creations why not post them on Twitter @ staidansbEYFS.


Make the letters of your name using different objects. For example blocks, stones,sweets etc.


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