Activities for week commencing 1st February

This week we are learning about being healthy and looking after ourselves and caring for others.

Listen to the story "The Carrot Club"

Use the happy, sad veggies to aid your discusion.

Discover how much you can remember about the story.

Feelings sorting activity

Complete the different feelings sorting activity. Discuss what makes you happy sad etc.

Carrot club board game

Have fun practicing counting with this board game.

Watch the powerpoint "look after yourself"

Discuss how we can look after ourselves in different ways. Look at the "look after yourself questions". Talk about how excercise is really good for us. Have fun completing the Carrot club excercises.

Carrot Club lunchbox sorting activity

You can draw your own healthy foods or use the  healthy unhealthy sorting activity cards to cut out and stick on your lunchbox.

Where do Carrots come from?

Follow this link to watch Aunty Mabel all about carrots

Heartsmart Activity

Watch the powerpoint about wild animals. Talk about how we could help the animals in particular the birds. 

Make a simple bird feeder and hang it in the garden. Watch the birds!!! Post some pictures on Twitter for all to see!!!

You will need

cheerios, pipe cleaners or string.

Thread the cheerios onto the pipe cleaners. Bend into a heart shape or any shape you like. And hang outside where you will be able to see. Enjoy watching the birds feeding on them.

Find and count

Can you find the specified objects how many carrots etc are there?

I have added a few extra activities to keep you busy.

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