Activities for Week commencing 18th January

Next week in Nursery we are practicing our counting and number recognition. 

Listen to my story of Spinderella

Click on the Spinderella video link 

Hairy spider counting activity

This is a lovely activity for you and your child to enjoy. Practice counting together.

Incey Wincey Spider

Can your child sequence the nursery rhyme? Do they know what comes next? Have fun mixing the rhyme up!!!

Spider Peg Activity

If you do not have access to a printer you could make your own!! Ask your child to attach the pegs to the spider's body. Do they recognise the numberals? Do they recognise that the spiders have different amounts of pegs attached?

Heart Smart Activity

Every week in Nursery we complete a simple Heart Smart activity. These help children to understand their feelings, actions etc. I have added the paper plate activity to make your own spider,

Watch this lovely Aunty Mabel video 

Follow this link to watch Aunty Mabel all about spiders


I have attached some colouring sheets too if you have access to a printer.

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