This week is BOOK WEEK.  We will be focussing on the story of The Twits by Roald Dahl.  Listetn to the story and have a go at the activities below.  You may choose to do all of them or just a few - it is up to you.  Along with your BOOK WEEK activities, please complete the daily phonics and Maths lessons. On BOOK DAY 4th March we are having a PJ day!  Come and join us on TEAMS at 1.30 for a story time.  Plus don't forget our LIVE LENT.

Activities you could do;

The Twits character description

The Twits Book Review

Mr Twit's Beard Poem

Mr Twit's Beard role play

Fact file on Roald Dahl PPT  Activty

Roald Dahl Reading comprehension

The Twits wordsearch


  • Mr. Twit keeps monkeys in a cage... What are your opinions about keeping animals in cages in the circus or in zoos etc. What are the arguments for and against these different places.
  • Mr. Twit is 60 years old. Write about some of the disgusting things that he has done throughout his life.
  • Make a list of words to describe Mr. and Mrs. Twit.
  • Write about a new practical joke that Mr. and Mrs. Twit play on each other.



Mr Twit's beard is disgusting!  Imagine all the germs that must be thriving in all that grot!

We are going to do a Science experiment to show what lives on us if we don't wash.

You will need 2 slices of bread and 2 food bags. Follow the instructions to help Mr Twit make better hygene decisions.


Art -

Create your own masterpiece using card, paint and egg boxes.  Choose a Roald Dahl book character to represent and bring your finished piece into school next week.




This week we will finish our unit on Statistics and start a new unit on Geometry.

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