Friday 15 January

Good Morning everybody. Here are today's lessons.  Have a lovely day. 

English- developing rich vocabulary.

Follow this link to lesson 5 .


Follow this link to session 5. You can download the questions and extra activity if you like but remember you can also just do the answers verbally.

Maths- divide by 10

Follow this link to the White rose Maths teaching video . Download the worksheet and answers.


Ask the children to think about someone they could do something kind for this week. Using the #unselfie worksheet provided, ask the children to draw a picture of themselves doing the kind deed. Ask the children to consider: • Who they will help • What they will do • Why they have chosen that person/deed. Ask the child how they think the person they help will feel and also how it will make them feel to be kind to someone else.

Have a good weekend

Stay Safe

Mrs Benetatos


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