Friday 26 February

Good Morning and well-done for getting through another week. Remember there is a Teams catch-up this morning at 9 o'clock.

Maths- add money.

Follow this link to the White Rose teaching lesson and then download the worksheet and answers.  

English - The BFG.

Follow this link to lesson 10 where you will continue to write the opening. 

Reading - Excuses

Follow the link to Oti Mabuse reading Excuses- the second video and then read the text yourself and do activity 2.

Heartsmart - Don't rub it in , rub it out.

We are learning to forgive and why it is important.

Follow this link to the heartsmart family page and watch the video Don't hold onto what's wrong. 

Ask the children what they understand by the word ‘forgiveness’ . Explain that being HeartSmart means learning how to let the bad feelings out of our hearts so we can feel happy again.

Then on the Heartsmart family activities page do the Don't hold onto what's wrong activity. You will need a piece of paper and some colouring pencils or pens. 

Our disney film for this week and next week is Wreck it Ralph which you can choose to watch at home too if you are able to.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Benetatos


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