Friday 27th March 2020

Happy Friday, Year 5!

Here is your work for today. Well done for getting stuck in - I'm proud of your efforts. Remember that there are Home learning/school closure resources on the school website and some daily timetable ideas, too. Feel free to have a go at these as well as/instead of the work listed here.

Beware Joe Wicks and his monstrous PE workouts, though! I've done three sessions this week and I'm walking around like I've just turned 140, not 40! If you're up for the challenge, you'll find his session somewhere around here. It starts at 9am so be there on time! 


English: I've given you a short story called Hunted to read. There are some questions to answer but you won't find the answers in the text - you've got to use your imagination to make up your own answers.You can then use those answers to tell your story to somebody else. Use the storyboard to help you if you wish.

Maths: watch today's video explanation - Lesson 3 - Decimals as fractions (2) - then have a bash at the questions below. The answers are inlcuded, too. 

French: I have included a PowerPoint called When I grow up. There are several activities to complete but don't worry about those massively - it'd be great if you just had a go at copying the pronunciations. If you do want to have a go at them, though, just remember - they are graded by ability so don't do them all - do whichever's best for you!

Reading: chapters 1 to 4 of Stay Where You Are and Then Leave are all available on the St Aidans YouTube channel now. Click here to go to the Stay... playlist. I haven't read the book before but it already feels like another corker from John Boyne. I'd love for you all to read it with me. Let all your friends in Year 5 know about it!

UPDATE: I've now set up a separate page with questions for the book. If you go back to the class page for Year 5, you'll see a grey box called Stay Where You Are and Then Leave. Click there to access the questions. They'll be updated regularly.

Right, then. Remember to date everything you do and try to keep updating your reading journals. Remember to log on to TTRS (the boys are beating the girls again but there haven't been too many people on it. Come on, you lot!). Get stuck in to your work, have fun, look after yourselves and try to keep a diary of how this whole strange situation is making you feel. Watch the news! But most importantly, stay safe and have a great weekend.

All the best,

Mr Crosby.

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