Friday 29 January

Good Morning everyone. Here are today's lessons.

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English - The Day the Crayons quit. This should hopefully be a no advert version.

Daily Reading - Mulan

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Maths- consolidate 2 4 and 8 Times Tables.

Follow this link to the White Rose Teaching video and then download the worksheet and answers. Use Supermovers Hit the button or TT Rockstars to reinforce your multiplication and division facts. 



Winston Churchill was one of the most important Prime Ministers that Britain has ever had. As a small boy his parents did not spend much time with him. He was looked after by a lady called Elizabeth Everest who was an amazing person. Show the children the picture of Churchill and read the information below or ask the children to research Elizabeth online. Churchill said of her "My nurse was my confidante. Mrs. Everest was who looked after me and tended all my wants. It was to her that I poured out all my many troubles…". Winston formed his strongest childhood emotional attachment to his nanny. She was his constant companion in childhood and they wrote to each other regularly while he was at school. Winston was deeply distressed when she left the house, even though he was then a young officer in the army and the household had no further need for a nanny. Later when Winston learned that Mrs. Everest was gravely ill he rushed to her beside. He was the only member of his family to attend to her, and upon her death, he paid for her grave. He said, “she had been my dearest and most intimate friend during the whole twenty years I had lived” and “I shall never know such a friend again”. When Winston died the only picture he had by his bed was of Elizabeth. Explain that Winston Churchill would have been very lonely if Elizabeth had not cared for him. She did this quietly and lovingly. Caring for people is an incredibly significant act and it’s what Too Much Selfie isn't Healthy! is all about. Ask the children to design an award to honour Elizabeth for the way she looked after Winston.

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