Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning, Year 5! It's the end of the week! Woo hoo!

Now here's your work for the day:

English: Below, there is a great short video to watch called Tuesday, based on the brilliant book of the same name by David Wiesner. Watch it then read through the revision notes on modal verbs. You'll be answering questions about one of the illustrations from the book, making sure to include modal verbs in all of your sentences. 

Maths: Click HERE to access all of today's resources. Under Week 2, scroll down until you get to Lesson 3 - Step 8 - Understand percentages. You'll find the video, activity and answer sheets there.

Geography: There is a PowerPoint below that introduces the Amazon Rainforest and compares it to a forest in Nottingham. After you've looked at that, read the forest fact sheet and complete the related activity sheet (please only complete one sheet - choose whichever one is right for you). 

And that's that! Make sure you date everything you do and don't forget that if you want even more work, you can click on the links on the school website's homepage to find other activities. You should also be keeping up with your reading (click HERE for more Stay Where You Are and Then Leave videos) and there's always TTRS to play on - the Year 5 v Year 3 battle ends at 15:30 today!

Keep us up to speed with how you're getting on and stay safe and healthy.

All the very best, me auld muckers! Enjoy the Easter break!

Mr Crosby.

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