Friday, 3rd April 2020



If you have got a free subscription to the phonics play website you can play the flash cards game. We do this every morning to revisit the sounds that we already know. You can choose the sounds that you want to use to play the game by ticking each box. If your child is working at phase 2, you can just use phase 2 sounds or if your child is working at phase 3 you can revisit phase 2 and 3 sounds.

Flashcards game

Phase 2 

This week you have re-visited the sounds h, b, l, f

Today, can you have a game of 4 corners using the four sounds that we have revisited?

Phase 3

This week we have learned the trigraphs igh, air, ure and ear.

Today, can you have a game of 4 corners using the four trigraphs you have learned?

Here's how to play:

Get a grown up to write the sounds on a piece of paper and place one in each corner of the room. Put the music on and have a dance. When the music stops your grown up needs to call out one of the sounds and you need to sit in that corner. If you get it correct, you get a point. If you get it wrong, your grown up gets a point. Who will have the most points at the end of the game? Can you record your points on a piece of paper? Who has the most? If you win, your grown up needs to give you a treat. If your grown up wins, you need to give your grown up a treat. You could swap and you call out the sounds and your grown up sit in the corner. Will they get their sounds correct?



Listen to the story of Saving Easter, downloaded below. 

Can you write a Get Well letter to the bunnies who got the bunny measles? You can print the paper off below or write it in your red books. 

There are so many additional activities you could do for this story if you want to. You could have a game of hide and seek, you be the easter bunny and hide things and get a grown up to find them. You could design your own Easter egg. I have downloaded a Saving Easter home learning sheet below for more ideas.



 Listen to the song here about 3d shapes.

What I'd like you to do between now and after the Easter holidays is to make a 3d monster. You can make your monster out of any 3d shape. You could use cuboid cereal boxes, cylinder pringle tubes, sphere balloons, anything you like. Decorate it how you like and use what you like. When they are done I would love to see them. Get a grown up to take a photograph and email it to me at or they can share it on Twitter. 

Here's a good video of how monster trucks learn their 3d shapes.



Next week is Easter so I have downloaded some extra resoucres for you to do if you would like to. Go back to the class papge to find them.

Have a great egg-citing Easter everyone!

Have fun!!


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