Friday 5 February

Good Morning everyone. Here are today's lessons.

Maths challenge

Follow this link to White Rose Maths . Today there are no worksheets to download but you will need a piece of paper. There is an activity to do with a problem to solve.  If you mange that one you might like to have a go at this second, trickier one. 


English - The Day the Crayons quit.

If you are still working on Mrs C then carry on . If you have finished you may like a go at this  It is looking at the story and answering some questions. 

Music  - Pulse and Metre.

Follow this link to today's lesson

Heartsmart - Padlocked Privacy

‘Too Much Selfie isn’t Healthy’ helps us to think about other people and sometimes that involves sharing - which is great, but there are also some things you should NEVER share especially when you are online. One thing that should never be shared with strangers is your personal information - your identity. The things that can tell someone else who you are or where you live.

. Ask the children what information could identify who they are (name, address, DOB, phone number, school, etc.) Ask them why they think it is important to keep information that identifies us private. Show the children a padlock. Ask the children what a padlock is for (to protect something or keep it safe). Ask the children where they have seen padlocks being used. Show the children the slides with some examples of uses for padlocks - to protect bikes, sheds, suitcases and even bins! As you show the children the final slide, explain how if it is important to protect our possessions, how much more important it is to protect ourselves and our personal information/identity. Not sharing our personal information is HeartSmart. Ask the children to crack the codes to see what they should keep protected when they are online (Answers: Password, name, address, phone number, school, date of birth) (If you have time, you could watch this song parody ‘Who do you share your details with’ from CBBC to emphasise the point

Our movie this week and next week is Pochahontas if you want to watch at home.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Benetatos 


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