Friday, 7th January 2022

Phonics and Literacy

Have a look at this th video. Mrs Cunliffe will show you a picture of an object that has the th sound in it. You will need to pause the video and write the word on a piece of paper. You can then start the video to see if you were right. Mrs Cunliffe will then show you another picture. 


Have a look around the house for 10 objects. Count them and make sure you have 10. Use the star sheet below to record the number bonds to 10. If there is a number 6, you will need to find out which number will be matched with 6 to make 10. You can do this by splitting your objects into 2 groups. If one group has 6 of the objects, how many are in the other group?

Have a look at the Come Outside video to see how Auntie Mabel finds out about the journey of a letter. 

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