Friday 8th January 2021

Good morning,

I hope you've all had a good week. I'll be looking at organising a catch up through TEAMS sometime next week. You'll need the login details already emailed out so, if you've not received them, please let me know.

In the meantime, I have set up a class discussion on the pupil page of the School Spider website. It will open at 8:50am and close for the day at 3:30pm. Login using the details I emailed out earlier in the week. Please tell as many people in Year 5 as possible so all of your classmates can join in! I'll set up a new discussion each day during the school closure. Keep in touch!

You can now also start uploading the work you do each day as a scrapbook on the pupil section of the School Spider website. I can then keep logging in and I'll be able to see and print off everything you've been doing at home. Please name your scrapbook LOCKDOWN 3 2021 so I can see it straight away. Again - pass it on! 

Here are your activities for today.

English: today's Pobble365 task is focussed around an image called The Beginning. Complete the tasks in this order: questions, sentence challenge, sick sentences, then carry on the story started in the story starter section. You can then complete the perfect picture task if you like.

Maths: watch this video before attempting any of the work in the presentation. You might just want to focus on the questions on the worksheet today. 

HeartSmart: look at the image in the PowerPoint. How many penguins do you think there are in the photo? Penguins live in large colonies with thousands of other penguins. The largest colonies on record have 180,000-200,000 penguins! 

Do you think it is possible to be surrounded by people (like the penguins) but feel lonely?

Where can we be surrounded by people but feel lonely? School? Town? Social media? Online games?

Why might we feel lonely when we are with others? Might we feel out of place? Like we don't belong? Might we have superficial friendships?

Who can you go to if you feel lonely? Parents? Carers? Family members? Teachers? Friends?

What can we do to help us to not feel lonely? Spend time with friends? Join a club? Take up a hobby?

Sometimes, people who feel lonely go online to search for friendships. It is easy to quickly attract hundreds of 'followers' or 'friends' on social media and people sometimes mistakenly think this proves how popular they are. But it is important to remember one real life friend is worth a thousand followers you don't really know. It has also been found that people who spend more than two hours a day on social media are twice as likely to feel lonely as those who spend less than half an hour a day. We feel less connected with people on social media, so our friendships are not as deep or rewarding.

Write a poem starting, "When I'm feeling lonely..." to describe what you can do or who you can talk to when you feel lonely. You can illustrate your poem if you'd like to. Remember that poems do not have to rhyme. 

Have a great weekend and please try to keep safe.

Best wishes, 

Mr C.

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