Geography - Rivers

These are the lessons and activities from the Rivers unit we are following in class.

Lesson 1 - Rivers in the UK

Lesson 2 - Rivers throughout the world. 

Lesson 3 - Features of a river

Lesson 4 - How a river changes shape - erosion and deposition

Lesson 5 - The full journey of a river. Download and look through the presentation. The activity is explained on the final slide. I've added a help document to get you started if you are not sure. 

Lesson 6 - Waterfalls. Look at the presentation. Research using the internet if necessary. Produce a poster/powerpoint combining images/drawings/texts to explain how waterfalls are created and change over time. ALSO ON HOMEWORK SECTION OF PUPILS DASHBOARD ON SCHOOL WEBSITE. (due date Friday 15th January) 

Lesson 7 - Flooding - The presentation shows lots of images of flooding - your task is to research why flooding occurs and use the worksheet to create a flowchart to show this (if you want to present this in a different way - you can) . You can use drawings, images and texts. ALSO ON HOMEWORK SECTION OF PUPILS DASHBOARD ON SCHOOL WEBSITE. (due date Friday 15th January) 

Lesson 8 - Hold back the flood - Dams. Download and view the presentation. Complete the worksheets that debates the advanatges and disadvantages of dams. 

Lesson 9 - Use of rivers - download and view the presentation and compete the worklsheet.


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