Half term 2 Home Learning

Week 1

We are learning all about Space, planets and the solar system.

Week 2

We are learning about 'The Little Red Hen'.

Week 3

We have now completed all phonics lessons for phase 2 sounds so we will spend time consolidating these sounds before moving onto Phase 3. All Reception children have now been given a username and password for Phonics Bug. You can now access all the phonics lessons from phase 2 that we have done in class along with phonics games and reading books. These can be accessed on the website which is compatible with laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

This week we are looking at number 7.  We are listening to the story of 'Snow White and the seven dwarfs' and we are talking about stanger danger, anti bullying, being kind and understanding trust. There are resources below that you can access to support this.

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