Health and Well-Being page

Watch this message from the Duchess of Cambridge about the importance of looking after your mental health. Listen to the story about Lucy having a bad day. 

Follow this link to the children's mental health week 2021 site and have a look at some of the activities under Parents and carers. Try the Draw your feelings or the squiggle game. 





Follow this link to the Place2be website with lots of fun art activities to help you express yourself.

Have a go at the How many positives can you think of? sheet. 


Make a Calm Jar.

Follow this link to New Horizons  a guided meditations website. Guided Meditations are a great way to relax or help you sleep.

Try this workout with Saffron Barker.

Try these lessons on the theme of It's ok not to be ok.

Try some of the mindful breathing exercises and activities.

 if you do have any worries or concerns about your child's mental health there is lots of help available . Follow this link for advice on how to support your child.

Stay safe

Mrs Benetatos



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