Move it first! The body coach, Joe Wicks, is helping to keep us all fit, watch and join in with him on Wednesday's 30 minute workout here.


Please complete the following tasks in your home learning book

Maths lesson 2 - Tenths as decimals

English lesson 2 - The Princess and the Pea  - Direct Speech Activity

Geography lesson 1

First watch this excellent video about Liverpool here.

Next, write down the answers to these questions in your book.

1. Why is 'Merseyside' so called?

2. What was a 'docker'? What did they do?

3. In its busy heyday, roughly how many ships would leave and enter the port of Liverpool everyday?

4. What was a 'stevedore'?

5. Today, few dockers exist. What new development meant the end for the dockers of Liverpool?

All the answers can be found in the video!



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