Maths activity Wednesday 25th March

Today we will be completing the Easter counting maths activity sheet. If your childs sheet has a yellow sticker on the bottom then I would like your child to count the objects and write the correct numeral in the circle. You may have to model how to write the number. If your child writes the numeral but doesnt form the number correctly then please praise them for their effort and then demonstrate how to write it for next time. Twinkl have number formation on their site if you would like to practice further.

For the other children please can your child count the objects and then with a pencil draw a line from the objects to the corresponding number. Please do not worry if your child is unable to count all the objects or match to numbers. All the children have different abilities and are ast different stages of their learning.

Could I ask that you wrtie a small comment on the back of the page for example: counted to five and had no number recognition or recognised numbers 2 and 5. As this will help massively when things go back to normal and I can assess what stage your child is at. Any problems or concerns please contact me by email and I will get back to you.


Miss Ashton

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