Monday 1 February

Good Morning everyone.

This week is children's  Mental Health week so try to find time for lots of lovely relaxing activities and find time for lots of chats . There is a Classpage with some ideas and links to useful websites and activities, This week we will be continuing with Mrs C. I have put on a music unit which I hope you will all enjoy and also a unit on  Diverse Britain which is part of our new RHE  (  Relationships and Health Education). curriculum. I have not put on any daily reading this week instead I would like you to read one of your own favourite books and perhaps post a picture of you reading it in your scrapbook or on Twitter. You could also choose to read a book on Epic  Reading or Oxford Owls or even download an audiobook on children's audibles. Just enjoy your reading,  You should all have received an invitation on Teams to a guided reading session. If  you have received more than one invitation please only accept the one with your name in the group. if you are not sure which session to attend please email me and I will tell you which group you are in. There is also a virtual coffeee morning for parents on Wednesday morning at 9:30 and a whole class catch up on Tuesday at 11:30  .

Maths - comparing statements.

Follow this link to White Rose Maths and then download the Worksheet and Answers.


English - The Day the Crayons quit.

Follow this link to MRS  C lesson 6.


Music  - Pulse and Metre.

Follow this link to today's lesson.


RHE- Diverse Britain- Living in the British Isles.

Download and work through the presentation.  Have a look at the picture cards and think about what they show us and tell us about living in Britain. If you like you can download the letter and write about what it is like living in Britain or perhaps make a poster with some of the cards. however it is the talking that is really important . The written activities are optional. 

Have a good day 

Mrs Benetatos



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