Monday 11th January

Good morning . I hope everyone is well and coping with the new lockdown. This week I would like you to have a go at creating a scrapbook  and uploading any work you have done so that I can see it. You need to log onto the pupil area on the school website using the log in details I sent you last week. If you have any problems please let me know. Then follow this link to a video explaining how to use the pupil area including the scrapbook area. You will then be able to upload your work by for example taking a photo of it.  Please call your scrapbook by your first and last name followed by Lockdown 2021 Scrapbook. I have also set homework to update scrapbooks regularly .  This means I will be able to comment on the work you send.


Download the presentation with this week's spellings. then practise the spellings using the Look, Say Cover Write and Check activity, wordsearch, handwriting sheet or odd one out activity. Alternatively you could practise the words on paper using Rainbow Writing, Bubble Writing or by joining them together to make one big long train. You could also practise by writing on someone's back. Can they guess which word you have written? Can they do the same to you?


I was hoping to be able to do the  Jane Considine  live writing lessons but we have already done the unit she is starting with so we will wait until her next unit. Instead I would like you to look at these lessons on Oak academy which will build upon the work we did on healthy eating in Science. For each of these lessons you will just  need some paper to write on and a pencil. 

Follow this link to lesson 1 - Understanding the features of adverts.

Maths - Make Equal groups- Sharing.

Follow this link to the white rose teaching video and then download the worksheet and answers. Remember you can always write the answers on paper if you cannot print out the worksheets. 

Please remember to access Timestables Rockstars if you can and also why not try these Supermover times tables warm up activities. The children love them.

Daily Reading- Roman Rescue.

These are guided reading sessions. Each session there is a link to a youtube video where the Ebook is read to the children and they can either read along from the Ebook or just listen. As the screen is shown on screen it does not need to be printed off.  However I have downloaded the Ebook for you in case you prefer a paper copy.  There are also questions which can be printed off and then the children can write on them or they can just think about them orally as we do in most guided reading sessions  or jot the answers down on a piece of paper.  There is also an optional activity sheet which can be printed off if your child would like to do this.  

Session 1 Follow this link to the guided reading teaching video. Download and print off the questions and the activity sheet or just think about the questions orally.

Have a good day everybody.


Mrs Benetatos

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