Monday 18 January

Good Morning. I hope everyone is well and have had a good weekend.I am very impressed with how well you are manging to save work in your scrapbooks. I will set homework to keep updating your scrapbooks  but you do not need to upload anything to the homework place just upload everything into your scrapbooks.  It is probably easier to open up a new scrapbook each week and date it. If you are struggling please let me know. Could you please check that you can all log into Teams as hopefully that will be our next venture. If you cannot log in please let me know.

This week we will continue with our work on Multiplication and Division in Maths and our healthy snack advert in English. We have finished our History topic and are going onto our new ScienceTopic which is on forces and magnetism. I am going to use the Oak Academy for this unit as I think it is the most child-friendly and indeed parent-friendly.  You will just need a pen and paper each day. 

Maths -  Multiply by 3.

Supermovers- practise your 3 Times Table and have a go at the 4 times table. Don't forget  TT Rockstars too.

Follow this link to the White Rose Teaching video and download the worksheet and answers. If you cannot print off the sheets just write the answers on a piece of paper.

English- to design a healthy snack.

Follow this link to today's lesson.

Spellings creating adverbs using the suffix ly.

Download and work through the lesson pesentation. then practise your spellings using the Look say cover write and Check, the Wordsearch, the handwriting sheet , the tiles activity sheet or any other method you know.  You do not need to do them all today you might like to practise the words for a few minutes each day and maybe even give yourself a spelling test at the end of the week.

Daily Reading

This week the book is a traaditional tale called Firebird. Ech day there is a link to a video lesson on the book and worksheets and extra activities to print off if you like but it is perfectly ok to just talk about the answers. you can download the story to read along. Click here for the first lesson. The activity sheet can be printed off or there is also a version which can be typed onto . 

Science - what are non-contact forces?

Follow this link to lesson 1 

PE - daily challenge

Have a go at the daily challenges and see if you can beat your own score.

Have a good day.

Stay safe.


Mrs Benetatos


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