Monday 1st March Book Week


Hello. Last week of Home Learning and Book Week so please enjoy it .I would also like you to do a Maths lesson each day please. There is a seperate Maths page here.   On World Book Day (Thursday 4th March) there will be a class TEAMS meeting at 1:00-1:30 pm. This will be a story session. You can come dressed in your pyjamas and fetch your favourite teddy. Please carry on with your skipping challenge and the family lent activities. There are also some extra PE activities downloaded below.

This week is investigating the question Is Horrid Henry really horrid?  I  would like you to enjoy the Horrid Henry stories as much as possible. If you have a Horrid Henry book or more than one, please read that as your daily reading. There are lots of  audiobooks where you can listen to the stories  so do not worry if you don't have any to read.  Follow this link to the audiobooks page. There are then a list of different activities you can choose from. Keep checking this page .


Start with reading or listening to Horrid Henry's Perfect Day which is in the book Horrid Henry.  This introduces the characters so is a good starting point if you haven't read any of the books.  Then I would like you to make a name for yourself so that you can be in the Horrid Henry gang.  You need to use alliteration to help make an interesting name for yourself  where both names begin with the same sound like Horrid Henry,  Moody Margaret,  Rude Ralph.  Then draw yourself a badge with your name on and post-it on our discussion board . If you cannot upload a picture just tell us your name.  Look for the Horrid Henry's gang discussion board. Please also remember to upload work to your scrapbooks and call it Book Week please.

Here I am.


Art- drawing Horrid Henry.

Follow this link to a video with Tony ross the illustrator showing you how to draw Horrid Henry. Watch and work through the video and then draw a picture of the character name you have chosen for yourself in the style of Tony Ross.  Don't forget to put them in your scrapbook or  email them to me or tweet them.

Character Profile

Read a Horrid Henry story or listen to one and then write a character profile of one of the characters using the character profile sheet to help you.   Draw the character in the middle and then write things you have found out about them.  You might like to include direct quotations from the story.

Comic Strip

Read/listen to a Horrid Henry story and then make a comic strip version of the story using pictures and speech bubbles.  There are templates to download if you like.


Watch one of the Horrid Henry cartoons and then write it up as a story. 

School Reports
In role as Miss Battle Axe or another of the teachers, write school reports for Henry, Peter and any of the other
characters. Correct Henry's homework .

Horrid Henry’s Rool Book
“And of course if I had my own show I’d be able to do just what I liked and nobody could send me to bed or tell me
to write horrid thank you notes to my Aunty Ruby or to my stuck up cousin but there would have to be music and
there would have to be my favourite band the Killer Boy Rats”If Henry wrote a rulebook, what would his “Top 10 Rools” be? What about Peter’s or Henry’s Mum and Dad? What would your top 10 rules be? Produce booklets of your own rules and for different characters in the play.

Managing Anger.

Henry often gets angry about things .  Can you think about what makes Henry  angry in the stories you have read and then think of strategies to help him keep calm. Use the How to help your anger cards to give you some ideas. Then download the anger letter template and write a letter to Henry giving him some advice . 


Have a go at the Secret Codes activity and see if you can crack the codes and then write your own message. Find the words in the wordsearches. Do the classmate crossword and find your way out of the maze.

Acrostics (Poetry)

Write Henry’s name, or chose another character, down the side of the page. Each line should begin with the letters of the name. For example:

Hi! I’m the baddest boy in town!

Everyone runs when they see me coming.

Nobody good wants to be my friend.

Rats and slugs are my favourite pets

You’d better get out of my way!

You can download the poetry sheet if you like.

Reading Comprehensions

Listen to the Horrid Henry and the Mummy's Curse audiobook and then do the newspaper comprehension. You could also make a newspaper report of one of the stories you have read if you like. Read or listen to Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret and then do the Reading Comprehension. If you click on any of the above audiobook links you will also find links to other horrid henry audiobooks.

Francesca Simon

Download the Francesca Simon sheet to use as a starting point. Do some research to see what you can find out about Francesca Simon. Present what you have found out in an interesting way. You  could make a factfile or a poster or do some questions and answers.

Recipe card for Henry  Baking
It’s time for the school summer fayre and Henry and Peter have entered a competition for the most inventive cake
recipe. What do you think their recipes would be? What horrible things might Henry include in his cake? Don’t
forget to put in how many grams are needed. If you’re not sure, try lifting some weights such as 10g, 100g, 500g
to see how heavy they are. You could also look at some cake recipes to find out what they have in them and how
much. Have a go at baking Perfect Peter's Piquant Pieces


Challenge : Can you make your own puppet of one of the characters?

You can use anything you like - be creative.

Have a great time exploring Horrid Henry or I will be very cross!

Mrs Bad-Tempered Benetatos


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