Monday 22 February

Good morning

I hope you have all had a good break and are ready and raring to go. We will be continuing with our English unit on the BFG and you will also get an invitation to a reading session on Teams. Please continue to use Bug Club for reading but I am also putting on some BBC reading sessions this week.  However  as the lessons are long I am going to split them up into smaller parts. If you like you could also choose to do a Pobble activity from the Pobble page  which is based around a text .  Just pick a title to download. As long as your child is reading any of these options are fine.   In Maths we are moving onto Money which I think you will find to be more straightforward than the Multipliction and Division unit. In Geography our new unit is What makes the Earth angry? which is very topical at the moment as it covers volcanoes as well as other natural disasters.

Maths - Count Money (Pence)

Follow this link to the White Rose teaching lesson and then download the worksheet and answers.

English - the BFG

Follow this link to lesson 6 where you will be generating vocabular to describe characters.


Reading - Slime by David Walliams.

Follow this link to a lesson which includes 

  • two videos of David Walliams reading extracts from his book Slime

  • three activities 

I would recommend that on day one you just watch the videos and think about the questions asked. Then I would suggest you do one activity a day for the following days. 

Geography- What is the Earth made of?

Follow this link to the  lesson where you will be learning learning about the structure of the earth, what the earth is made of and where volcanoes and earthquakes occur and why.  If you like download the worksheet Label the Earth and use this instead of sketching your own as suggested in the video. If you have coloured playdough, clay or plasticine you might like to have a go at the extra activity Make a model Earth.


This week's spellings are some challenging words.  Download the presentation and then practise the spellings throughout the week using any of the activity sheets. 

Have a great day.

Mrs Benetatos 

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