Monday 25 january

Good morning I hope you have all had a good weekend and are ready and raring to go again. 

This week we will be continuing with Multiplication and Division in Maths and Magnets in Science. In English we will be following a Jane Considine unit which is taught live online. Although the lessons are live they are also recorded and so I am linking to a recorded session as I think it is more flexible and easier for you to fit in without being tied to a particular time.  This approach to writing is the method we use in school and the children are familiar with Mrs C. I thought it would be a good opportunity for you to see this approach. Mrs C does work at quite a pace so please pause the recording whenever needed. If your child has a brother or sister they might like to ask them to chot with them and discuss ideas. Your child does nort have to write down everything Mrs C does. They just need a bank of some ideas to then choose from in their writing. They will need 2 sides or pieces of paper each day so they have an ideas page and a writing page. Let me know how you get on but believe me your child can do this!

English - The Day the Crayons Quit- lesson 1 Mrs C

Follow this link to the lesson . I have made a sheet that you can download to help them organise their ideas side today as it is a little different to usual as the children are going to be starting to create  a letter. Usually the children will be able to organise it themselves. 

Daily Reading - Mulan by Michaela Morgan

As quite a few parents and children found the Twinkl reading somewhat difficult I am going to try these sessions from Oak Academy this week. I think the children will respond better to these. 

Follow this link to lesson 1 


Download and work through the Spellings presentation and then practise your spellings either today or throughout the week.  there are the usual resources to help you as well as a Crack the Code activity sheet this time.

Maths - The four times table

Follow this link to the White Rose Teaching video and then download the worksheet and answers. Use Supermovers Hit the button or TT Rockstars to reinforce your multiplication and division facts. 


Follow this link to today's lesson on Magnets. 

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