Monday 30th March 2020

Happy Monday, Year 5! Hope you've had a great weekend. Here is your work for today:

English: Today, I want to make sure that everybody has started the home reading book you were given before school closed. If you haven't started it yet, I really need you to do so today, please. If you have - well done and keep going!

If you look on the Year 5 class page, you will see a grey box called Stay Where You Are and Then Leave. Click on it and you will find a series of questions to have a go at. I'm not expecting you to answer all of them today (no way!) but I do want you to make a start. These questions will be added to regularly so remember to keep checking that page for more. 

I have been uploading videos of me reading the book to the school YouTube channel so if it helps to listen to the story being read while you scan the words, click HERE. These will also be added to daily. It'd be great to see how you're getting on so, if you own an adult who has access to Twitter, please ask them to Tweet pictures of you reading, listening and answering the questions to the school account (@Staidansb or @StaidansbMrC). 

Go and enjoy the story - what I've read has been excellent so far!

Maths: Everything you need can be found HERE. You'll be looking at thousandths today. Click on Week 1, then Lesson 4 - Understand thousandths. You'll find the usual video to guide you through but today the questions are there in the pink box (Get the Activity) and the answers are there in the blue box (Get the Answers).

I have also set up another TTRS battle for the week. It's Year 5 v Year 3! You're not going to let them beat you, are you? The challenge began at 08:50 this morning and will end at 15:30 on Friday. 

Art: I have included a PowerPoint about the artist John Singer Sargent. There is some background information on him then some activities to have a go at, including drawing the other side of some of his paintings. I understand that this might be tricky without a printer so you could just have a go at copying one or more of his paintings (I have included several of them below), create a freeze frame with an adult of one or more of the paintings (I'd love to see some photos!) or write a little bit in your workbook about what you like or don't like about the paintings, focussing on the expressions on people's faces. 

That should all keep you going for today!

Remember, your grown ups can email me at if you're having trouble with the links, if you need anything or if you just want to let me know how you're doing in general.

Have a great day and stay safe, 

Mr Crosby.

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