Monday 8 February

Good Morning

I  hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Remember it is the last week and then you get a well-earned break. - i am speaking to parebnts as well here! if you are not in school you will have had an invite to a guided reading session again this week. For daily reading could I ask you to have a look at the bug club books on the Active Learn website,  We only have access for a short time and we would like to see if it would be used enough to invest in. If  you do not already have your child's log in details please email me for them. 

If you have not already done so have a go at  creating your own bottle moment. Have a look at this website.  There are templates which can be used under the kids section and this can be done at anytime during the week if you would like to.  It would be lovely if you could share your bottle moments with us by emailing them to me


Follow this link to the White Rose teaching video and then download the worksheet and answers.


We are going to start a new unit which we will continue after half-term. This unit is based on The BFG movie. I think we will really enjoy this one. Follow this link for lesson 1. 

RHE - Tolerance and Respect

Download and work through the presentation. As usual the activity sheets are optional extras. 


Follow this link to lesson 6.

Have a great day


Mrs Benetatos


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