play dough recipe and dough gym instructions

I have attached a new dough gym song and instructions for our usual song, although it has been put on a different order to our usual one. Th erecipe for the dough is:

2 cups of flour

3/4 of a cup of salt

2 table spoons of vegetable oil or baby oil

1 table spoon of cream of tatar. (don't worry if you don't have any it just wont be as soft)

1 cup of water

Food colouring of your choice.


Put all of the ingredients into a pan. I usually mix it all in before heating it. Turn on heat and keep stirring until the ingredients stiffen/but not solid it will still seem quite soft but once cooled is fine. If it does end up too soft and sticky just add a little flour. Practice makes perfect it took me a few attempts before i got it just right. You can also make play dough without heat too. I just prefer to make the cooked one as it lasts longer. Store in a plastic container with a lid.


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