Science - Evolution - FULL UNIT

This is a series of lessons and activities for our new science unit - EVOLUTION.

Some are our own lessons and activities; some are from Developing Experts. Links are provided within each lesson (if there are any) and the resources for each lesson can be found below. Some of the PowerPoints would be used for us to discuss in class and may not provide masses of information - but they will get you started on research.

If we were in school a lot of this would be researched based - so when possible use the internet to help you complete the activites. 

I have also added the full Evolution unit from Developing Experts to your logins - it has some extra sessions and practical activities (if you wish to do them - listed below) - but you can always do the rocket quiz, wordsearch and unit quiz.

Practical lessons with Developing Experts: Explain why animals can look different from their parents - DNA extraction experiment (seriously!); Describe the process of natural selection - a challenge involving toothpicks; The work of Mary Anning - make your own fossil. 

 If you wish to film any talks, animation etc on Evolution for Deveoping Experts website (now with 4800 schools accessing it) then you can - send them to me and I'll forward them on to them.

This is a fascinating unit - I hope you think so too!

Lesson 1 - Inheritance - where do we get our features from? The difference between inheritance and evolution.

Download and read the PowerPoint. Complete the worksheets.

Lesson 2 - Adaptation - how have animals evolved over time.

Download the read the PowerPoint. Complete the worksheets. AND/OR Complete Developing Experts Lesson 1 - explain how adaptations help animals and plants survive.

Lesson 3 - Extinction - The Dodo

Watch the video on how the Dodo DID NOT become extinct! Ice Age Clip (CLIP 1 BELOW)

Download and read the PowerPoints. Complete the worksheets.

Lesson 4 - Fossils - what they show and how they are formed.

Watch the film clip - Fossil Making (CLIP 4 BELOW)

Follow Developing Experts Lesson 2 - explain what fossils can tell us. 

Download and complete the worksheets. 

Lesson 5 - Genetic Modification - what is it? Is it safe?

Follow Developing Experts Lesson 3 - describe the process of genetic modification. Download and complete the worksheets.

Lesson 6 - Famous Evolutionary Scientists - Anning, Wallace and Darwin 

Anning - watch the film clip - Mary Anning (CLIP 2 BELOW) Download and complete the worksheet.

Wallacewatch the film clip - Alfred Wallace (CLIP 3 BELOW) Download and complete the worksheet.

Darwin - download and read any or all of the many PowerPoints. Download and complete the worksheets.

Lesson 7 - Stories of Evolution - were they real or fake?

Watch film clip - Fossil Lucy (CLIP 5 BELOW). Read the BBC website page - click here.

Download the worksheets. Research. Complete the worksheet. 


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