Sport, Drama & Music

Challenging activities make for interesting people
These activities help children to develop social and life skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Whether they are extending their team skills on the playing field or their mentoring skills by working with the younger children, they are learning to play a more valuable role in society.

children playing pplayground sport

Physical Education & Sport
We aim to help children to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding involved in areas of activity encompassing athletics, dance, games, gymnastics, outdoor adventures and swimming activities.

From day one children get the chance to undertake many activities and also get swimming lessons each week for one term.

Competition is encouraged with district wide competitions in Football, Netball and Swimming and we also play inter-school games in football and netball and take part in Swimming and Rounders Competitions.

We endeavour to provide a variety of sporting activity outside of school hours and these have included judo, fencing, girls football, athletics and urban dance.

Two of the greatest gifts children have are their imagination and creativity. We encourage all our children to build on these gifts, both in class and in their spare time.

Performance arts are central to St Aidan’s with some wonderful school performances in the regular stage plays and annual nativity. It is a valuable opportunity for pupils of all ages to work together and a good way to integrate younger and older children.

Music lessons are a time of enjoyment and children are encouraged to participate with confidence. The teaching of music aims to develop a response to music through listening, performing and composing using a large selection of classroom instruments.

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