y3/4 Sports Week

This week is Sports Week. As well as the English and Maths activities on your class page, you will find some Sports Week activities on this page. It is up to you how many of the activities you would like to use but it would be great if you could choose something each day or repeat activities and try to improve.

If you would like to, you might want to record your activities in a 'Sports Week Diary'. This could be using your online online scrapbook or alternatively in your work book. You could include PowerPoints, posters, photos, scores and times for the activites. It is up to you!

As well as physical activities to try next week, also consider one of  the following activities;

1. Research your favourite sport or sports person. Create a presentation about what you have learned.

2.  Research a major moment in sporting history and produce a fact file or presentation about what you have found out. 

National School Sport Week at Home 2020 - click on the links below to download a guide for parents and activity ideas.  There are lots of activities to choose from and suggestions on how to challenge yourself, your family and your friends. There are activities linked to athletics, aiming sports, team sports, adventure sports and artistic sports. If you click on the activity titles you will be taken to a youtube video or another website with further instructions on how to do the activity.  The parent guide includes a page to plan which activities you are going to do and a personal challenge scorecard. There are lots of fun activities to join in with. Who can resist dancing along to disney for example?

Follow this link to the BBC Let's Get Active page. There are clips for different activities/skills that you can join in with.

Follow this link to a  celebrity stretch and  warm-up led by footballer Marcus Rashford.

Dance from other cultures. Follow the links to watch some colourful dances from other cultures and have a go yourself.

Samba    African drumming and dance sequences   Diwali- a traditional stick dance

Click on the links below to access some resources from Twinkl for a sports day at home. There are skills sheets, scorecards and some guidance for the adult helping you. On the sheet there is a link to a clip showing you how to do each activity.

Click on the links before to download some outdoor activity ideas and fitness challenge cards. You could set up a circuit of activities to follow.

Click on the link below to download some yoga cards.

Follow this link to some fun  sport quizzes .

Have fun

Mrs Benetatos  and Mr Loftus

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