Thursday 11 February

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Maths- Scaling

Follow this link to the White Rose teaching video and then download the worksheet and answers.


English- The BFG

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RE -  Jesus the man who changes lives.

The Calling of Levi (Matthew)

Watch this clip

This is the story of Matthew that is found in Matthew the New Testament of the Bible.

Before Matthew met Jesus, he was called Levi. He was very unpopular because he was a tax collector and worked for the Romans. Tax collectors were often greedy and would cheat people by charging them too much money. Levi was no exception; all he wanted to do was make money and become rich. Then, one day, he met Jesus, who asked him to become one of his followers. Everyone was surprised that Jesus had even spoken to Matthew. They could not understand why Jesus was befriending him; they were even more surprised when Matthew agreed. Jesus accepted Matthew’s invitation to go to his house to have a meal with his friends, but many onlookers were shocked at Jesus’ action. They thought that Jesus should just choose good, honest people to be his friends.  Jesus said he needed to help the sinners like a doctor helps sick people not those that are well.

From this extraordinary day, Levi became known as Matthew, which means ‘gift of the Lord’. He left behind his old life, his wealth and his power, and gave up everything to become one of Jesus’ followers. He devoted his life to telling others about Jesus. He also wrote down his story of Jesus’ life, which is called the Gospel of Matthew, the first book in the New Testament.

After reading the story make two lists. What was important to Levi (Matthew) before Jesus called him and what was important after?

Why did the things that were important to him change after meeting Jesus?


Time for reflection
When Jesus was on Earth, he often spent time with people who were disliked or unpopular with others. Jesus believed that everyone should be allowed a chance for their lives to be changed so that they could have a fresh start.

Think about these questions.

  • - Do we give people a second chance?
  • - Do we allow people to change?
  • - Do we need to change the way we live our lives?

Read this prayer :

Dear God,
Help us to be willing to give people a second chance,
even when we don’t think they deserve it.
Help us to love and bring peace and joy to people’s lives.
Help us to serve others and to help them whenever we get opportunities.

Can you write your own prayer ?


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Mrs Benetatos 

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