Thursday 14 January

Good Morning. 

Hope everybody is well. any problems don't hesitate to email me at

Well done to everybody who has managed to make a scrapbook and upload work onto it . Remember you can also email it if you find it easier . I have set the scrapbooks as homework just so I can comment on them.

English- Scientific vocabulary to describe healthy snacks.

Follow this link to lesson 4 .


Follow this link to session 4 . You can download the questions and extra activity if you like but remember you can also just do the answers verbally.

Maths- divide by 5.

Follow this link to the White Rose Maths teaching video and then download the worksheet and answers, Keep practising on TT Rockstars and Supermovers.    Hit the Button  is also a brilliant website for practising multiplication and division.


Today we are going to look at some famous steam locomotives. Click on the presentation below ( hopefully it works!)  and download the activities.  You need to make a poster advertising one of the 4 locomotives. You might like to do some extra research. These websites are useful. The story of the steam engine - KS2 History - BBC Bitesize     Magnificent Mallard: World's fastest steam locomotive - BBC News     The Last Steam Engine Built by British Railways - Bing video     60103 Flying Scotsman doing 100mph! - Bing video There is also a differentiated reading comprehension you can do.I have opened a class discussion about which is the best steam locomotive so that you can tell your friends about your favourite one and why. You can join in this discussion if you log into school spider as a pupil.

If you cannot see this presentation try this link

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