Thursday, 14th January 2021

This week is all about Julia Donaldson's 'Stick Man'. 

You can listen to the story here.


This week's phonics sounds are ai, ee, oo and oa.

Have a go at the flashcards game on phonics play. Get a grown up to choose 'individual graphemes' and select all the phase 2 sounds and the phase 3 sounds up to 'oo'. These are the sounds that we have already learned so see which ones you can remember.

Today's sound is 'oa' This link will take you to today's lesson. Show your grown up how Mrs Cunliffe clicks on each of the tabs at the top to watch the video, reading, spelling and writing. You can also watch Geraldine to see if she can find anything with the oa sound in.

When you've finished your lesson you complete this sheet or practise writing oa. You might be able to write some words with oo in. 


Today, there's a great game for you to play online here. You can choose the sounds that you want to play with in the game. You will hear a sound and you will need to click on the sound to make the graphemes giggle. 


Count the stick men on the sheet. How many are there? How many would there be if you had one more? Draw one more stick man and see if you are right. Write the answer in the box. 

I have attached a stick man hunt that you can play at home. Your grown up will need to hide the pictures around the home for you and then you use the sheet to tick the characters off when you find them. 

This week, I would like you to ask a grown up to help you to create a scrapbook in the pupil area of the school website. You can access the pupil area, using the spider pupil usernames and passwords emailed out last week. Please contact me if you did not receive your email with the passwords attached. Please follow this link to watch a video to find out how to create a scrapbook. The video shows a few different features available on the pupil dashboard of spider, but for now, I would just like you to create a scrapbook. Please call your scrapbook by your first and last name followed by Lockdown 2021 Scrapbook. This scrapbook can then be used to upload any work to. For example, you could photograph any worksheets you have completed or pages from an exercise book. If uploading a photograph, please could you make sure your name is clearly on the piece of work before photographing, incase we print them off in the future. 


There are extra activities attached below if you want to use them.

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