Thursday 21 January

Good Morning everybody. I hope you are all well. Don't forget that at 1:30 we will be having a Teams Catch-up session. You should have recived an email about this. All children will need to have an adult with them who will just need to wave to us at the beginning of the session.  Can I then politely remind the adults that they should not speak in the session but obviously if they do have any concerns or questions they should email me . Mrs Fisher is arranging some sessions for parents. Hopefully all goes well this afternoon . 

Here are today's lessons.


Follow this link to the White Rose Teaching video and download the worksheet and answers.  have a go at the 4 times table on Supermovers. Try to do lots of practise at counting in twos and fours.

Daily Reading. 

Follow this link to the daily reading session and guided reading questions. If you like you can write down the answers to do these questions but that is not essential. The story is available to download so that you can read along if you like but it is also shown online. as usual there is an optional extra activity if you would like something extra to do.

English- Writing complex sentences.

Follow this link to the next lesson about writing an advert for a healthy snack.

Science- How can we see a magnetic field?

Follow this link for today's lesson.

Don't forget your PE Challenge as well.

Stay safe everybody

Mrs Benetatos

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