Thursday 28 January

Good Morning everyone . Here are today's lessons. Please do not worry if you are not keeping up with Mrs C - just take it at your own pace There are 8 lessons which continue into next week bit allow yourself until  next Friday 5th to try to complete them if you can . I will not move onto a new unit until the week beginning the 8 February  but will instead put on some grammar activities for those  who have completed Mrs C . Keep going parents you are doing a great job! 


Follw this link to lesson 4 with Mrs C .

Daily Reading- Mulan

Click here for Lesson 4.

Maths- the Eight Times Table

Follow this link to the White Rose Teaching video and then download the worksheet and answers. Use Supermovers Hit the button or TT Rockstars to reinforce your multiplication and division facts. 

RE  - Jesus the man who Changes lives.

Make the Connection - Discuss the following. 

What does ‘change’ mean?

How can our lives be changed? Is it easy to change?

What kind of things can happen that mean our lives are changed? e.g. new babies, moving house, making new friends, illness and death, also simple things like a new bike, a new pet or a new computer. 

Some changes are permanent, some are only for a short time and then things return to how they were before, e.g. holidays or broken bones! 

 Task : Make a mind map of the changes you have had in your life - some will be good , some might be bad. Write Change in the middle of your page and then around the outside write or draw about changes you have known in your life. How do you think Jesus might want us to change our lives?

Read the story of Zacchaeus . Jesus changed Zacchaeus on the inside. 

 TASK : Draw a picture of Zacchaeus and make a flap on his body over his heart.  On the outside of the flap write words to describe him before he met Jesus. Open the flap and write words underneath to describe him after he met Jesus.


Take Care

Mrs Benetatos

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