Thursday 2nd April 2020

Morning, Year 5. How've you been getting on this week? 

Have you been reading Stay Where You Are and Then Leave? Click HERE to go to the videos if you want to listen as you read. Don't forget to fill in your reading journal!

The TTRS battle with Year 3 is nearly over - it ends at 3:30pm tomorrow. Have you helped your friends to get Year 5's score up?

Here's your work for today. Remember to date everything you do and visit the Home Learning/School Closure Resources and the Daily Timetable Ideas pages for extra/alternative work. 

English: More work on Skimbleshanks (see below)! You will watch a short video of a train journey then insert correct punctuation into sentences. Suggested answers are included.

Maths: Click HERE for all resources. Look under Lesson 2 - Step 7 - Order and compare decimals for the video, the activity and the answers. 

RE: Read through the PowerPoint, which tells the story of one of Jesus's miracles. There is a worksheet and a practical activity to complete if you can - you need to make a model of a house. You could use lego, play dough, a cardboard box or anything else. Maybe you could just draw the house. Either way, if you can use your model or drawing to retell the story of the miracle, great. If you could take photos or even a video of you doing so and Tweet it on the school Twitter account, even better! I'd love to see how you get on. 

That's your lot for today! You can email me at if you need any help with anything or just to let me know how you are. Remember that it might be useful to keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings while working at home during this peculiar time. Stay safe and look after yourselves and your families.

All the best,

Mr Crosby.

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