Thursday 2nd April

Good morning. Here are today's activities. Keep going you are all doing a brilliant job. Don't forget to have lots of fun as well. Just to remind you again of our Battle on Timestable Rockstars. Year 5 have one really good player who has got them lots of points but  don't give up. You are doing brillantly .I am so proud of you all . 


Week 2 lesson 2 Step 7 Fractions of a set of objects Follow this link.


Thinking about Road Safety today -  for hedgehogs and for humans. Watch this clip first. Talk with an adult about what we need to do to cross the road safely. Then look at the imperative verbs file to remind you about these special verbs. Then complete the instructions for Max sheet  to tell Max what he needs to do to keep safe. If you need a little bit of help with writing instructions then look at this.or this


Now for the real celebration  - Easter.Sunday 

Read through the information on New Life .  Watch this clip Then pick one of the  Easter eggs worksheets to do. They are differentiated so pick whichever one you think is most suitable for you.

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