Thursday 5th November 2020

English: today we will be finishing the film 2001: A Space Odyssey in class, ready for our work on play scripts tomorrow. If you can watch the film at home, brilliant. If not, practise this week's spellings instead.

Maths: yesterday we went over the addition & subtraction test we completed before the half term break. Today we will be having a go at answering some questions based upon something that came up on the test. I have included the example questions in the presentation. Remember that the = symbol is a balancing sign - whatever is on one side of the = symbol has to balance out, or equal, what is on the other side. Complete the calculation on one side of the = symbol then use inverse operations to work out what the missing number must be on the other side of the = symbol. 

RE: work through the presentation on Matthew and Luke's accounts of the Nativity then complete the worksheet.

Have a great day!

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