Tuesday, 12th January 2021

 This week is all about Julia Donaldson's 'Stick Man'. 

You can listen to the story here.


This week's phonics sounds are ai, ee, igh and oa.

Have a go at the flashcards game on phonics play. Get a grown up to choose 'individual graphemes' and select all the phase 2 sounds and the phase 3 sounds up to 'ai'. These are the sounds that we have already learned so see which ones you can remember.

Today's sound is ee. This link will take you to today's lesson. Show your grown up how Mrs Cunliffe clicks on each of the tabs at the top to watch the video, reading, spelling and writing. You can also watch Geraldine to see if she can find anything with the ee sound in.

When you've finished your lesson you complete this sheet or practise writing ee. You might be able to write some words with ee in. 


Stick man is lonely, stick man is lost. Can you help stick man to get home? Download the map, or draw your own map. What did stick man see on his journey? Draw the things that he saw and show him how to get back home. See if you can label what you have drawn.


Can you find some sticks from outside? See if you can use the sticks to make some numbers. Number one would be easy because you would just need one stick. Do you think you could make a number 4 or a number 5 using sticks? You'll need a selection of sticks. Get a grown up to take some photographs and send them to me or tweet them then I can see how well you are doing.

There are extra activities attached below if you want to use them.

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