Tuesday 12th January 2021

Good morning!

How have you been getting on with your home learning? Let me know through the discussion page on the school website. There'll be a new discussion open each day. Try and get on there so you can keep in touch with your friends, let us know what you've been up to and ask any questions about the work. If you're having trouble logging in, email me at rob.crosby@sthelens.org.uk

Remember to use your pupil scrapbook to upload the work you are doing at home during the school closure. If you're not sure how to set these up, let me know and I'll guide you through it. It would be a massive help if you could start to upload all of your work as files rather than photos - this makes it much easier for us to print off in school. Thank you. 

Okay then... Today's activities!

Times Tables Rock Stars: we are still engaged in battle with Year 6! It's very close! TOO close for comfort! You all have your login details so play your part and show them that we won't be defeated! The battle ends at 15:30 on Friday afternoon. Do your bit!

Maths: watch this video then have a go at the worksheet. Answers are included. There are further questions to have a go at in the presentation. Some of these might be quite challenging...

English: click here to complete a grammar lesson on exploring complex sentences.

Spellings: these were uploaded on yesterday's class page.

Reading: I have included some reading activities based upon a story called Jazz Harper - Space Explorer. The whole text is there to download but you don't need all of it today - only chapter 2. Open the question document and there is a link to a video which will talk you through what you need to do today. Enjoy!

Geography: today's presentation details how land, and therefore maps, have changed over time. There are three activity sheets, each of which shows a particlular place now and many years ago. Follow the instructions in the presentation to know how to compare the maps. You'll need some coloured pencils. This is our last Geography lesson of this unit. You can always do more if you'd like (you could set up a Geography scrapbook?) and you can visit this website to learn even more about maps. 

Have a great day, keep in touch and STAY SAFE.

Mr C.

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