Tuesday 2 February

Good Morning everyone. Here are today's lessons. Don't forget the Dress to Impress class catch up on Teams at 11:30 this morning. Just join the meeting on Teams- it doesn't matter if you have not accepted the invite. There is also a guided reading session for some of you this afternoon.

Maths- related calculations

Follow this link to White Rose Maths and then download the Worksheet and Answers.


English - The Day the Crayons quit.

Follow this link to MRS  C lesson 7.


Music  - Pulse and Metre.

Follow this link to today's lesson.


RHE- Diverse Britain

Download and work through the presentation. There are optional activities to do if you like but these can just be spoken about rather than written. The thought bubbles is the one I would suggest if you want just one to do. Again it is the discussion that is the most important. 

Have a great day.

Mrs Benetatos

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