Tuesday 31 March

Morning again everyone. Here are today's activities which you can download to do . 



Week 1 lesson 5 Tenths as decimals  click here

Hope you are all getting on ok with the fractions.



Today i would like you to find out some facts about hedgehogS. /First of all complete the Hodgeheg quiz .   You will find all the answers in our class reader. Then watch this clip and jot down any intersting facts you have learned. then i would like you to make a factsheet about hedgehogs. You can do research on the internet to find out more facts and either draw pictures or download images. I  have suggested some sites you can use but there are many more. Just remember to use the internet safely please. If you are able to you might like to tweet me or email me your factsheets as I would love to see what you find out.


We are going to learn how to draw shapes and fill them in just like the artist Kandinsky. first of all look at the pctures painted by Kandinsky. Do you like them? Could you make a painting like that do you think?  We are going to draw shapes and fill them in using a drawing programme on the computer. I would recommend microsoft Paint.  you create Try to work through the powerpoint Can you draw a house like in the powerpoint but with different colours? Can you create your own pattern like Kandinsky Again I would love to see any. 

Have fun trying and please don't forget our  timestable rockstars battle. I can see some of you are having a really good go. keep going remember slow and steady can win the race. 






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