Tuesday 31st March 2020

Welcome to the last day of March! And what a fine day it is, too. Here is some work to make it even better!

English: You need to read the poem I've included called Skimbleshanks by T.S. Eliot. It's about a cat! Revise the work on parenthesis then have a go at writing sentences that include parenthesis.

Maths: Follow THIS LINK to take you to today's work. You need to select Week 1 then Lesson 5 - Thousandths as decimals. The video should help guide you through the work - click on the pink box (Get the Activity) for the questions and the blue box (Get the work) for the answers. 

Geography: There is a PowerPoint below on rainforests, which links in with the work we've been doing in class on South America. You'll find two worksheets - one where you need to label rainforests of the world and another which requires you to do some research on Ecuador.

Also: Keep up with your reading and try to visit TTRS - there's a battle on, you know! 

Have a good 'un, 

Mr Crosby. 

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