Tuesday, 31st March 2020


If you have got a free subscription to the phonics play website you can play the flash cards game. We do this every morning to revisit the sounds that we already know. You can choose the sounds that you want to use to play the game by ticking each box. If your child is working at phase 2, you can just use phase 2 sounds or if your child is working at phase 3 you can revisit phase 2 and 3 sounds.

Flashcards game

The following lessons, your child will only do one of. This will either be a phase 2 or a phase 3 lesson. Please refer to your home learning packs to see which phase your child is working towards. Their targets are on coloured card of either green, blue, yellow or pink.

Phase 2

Today's sound is 'b'. If you have a free subscription to the phonics bug website you can follow the link to the 'b' lesson.

b lesson

Phase 3

This week we are going to move on to trigraphs. Trigraphs are three letters and when they sit together they make one sound. There are four trigraphs that we will cover this week- igh, ear, air and ure. We will then have covered all phase 3 sounds. I find that the trigraphs are the hardest to remember which is why I like to leave them to the end. After we have have covered these sounds this week I will put games on the website as part of the phonics lesson to keep revisiting the sounds, along with activities to do.

Today's sound is 'ear'. Ear is a trigraph because it has three letters and when they are sat together they make one sound. I usually get the children to remember the trigraph word by associating it with the triangle having three sides.

If you have got a free subscription to the phonics bug website you can follow the link to the 'ear' lesson.

'ear' lesson

The children are used to taking part in these lessons daily. There is a section for sounds, reading, spelling and writing. When it comes to writing I usually get them to write on a whiteboard but they can use their red books for this. They usually have a go at writing 'ear' and then words that contain 'ear' such as hear, near, fear etc. 

At the end of phonics we watch Geraldine the giraffe on youtube who has a different video for each sound.

Geraldine learns b

Geraldine learns ear


Additional activities for b with Twinkl

Additional activities for ear with Twinkl



Continuing with shape we will now move onto 3d shape. Listen to the song here to introduce some 3d shapes.

Below are some powerpoints to introduce 3d shapes. Look at the everyday 3d shapes powerpoint first. Can you go on a hunt around the house for some 3d shapes? Can you find a cube, cuboid, cone, pyramid and sphere?  I bet there are loads of them in your house and garden. Can you draw them in your red books or take photographs of them?

Now test yourself with the second 3d powerpoint. Can you name the 3d shapes? 

Here's a good video of how monster trucks learn their 3d shapes.



Choose one of the 3d shapes that you have seen. Can you draw the shape in your red book? Can you now describe the shape you have drawn? The sphere is round, The cylinder has a circle on the top and a circle on the bottom, The sphere is like a ball, The cone is like an ice cream etc.You only need to write one or two things about your shape.

Red strawberries, could you write the names of the 3d shapes that you have seen?

Green apples, could you write three things about your 3d shape?

Have fun!!


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