Tuesday 31st March

Hello Year 1

Here are some activities for today.

For Maths follow the link to White Rose Maths and have a go at Week 1, Lesson 2 - Measure Mass. If you have balance scales at home then you could use a choose a different unit instead of cubes to measure other objects at home. How many apples weigh the same as a bag of sugar? How many lego pieces weigh the same as an apple? I have also uploaded another powerpoint to look at too.

For English, there is a letter from a princess to read and you could write a letter back.

Here is also a link to the Eden Project website which has some ideas for activities at home involving nature.  Maybe you could make your own biome in a box or create a wildflower area in your garden. If you do, I would love to see some photos.

I also shared a link for STEM activities on Twitter which can be accessed if wanted.

Have a great day

Miss Eddleston

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